1st Period Play-by-Play

  Wabash vs. DePauw University
  Date: 2/25/14  • Site: Neal Fieldhouse; Greencastle, Ind.

1st Period Play-by-Play
00:02WABMGOOD! LAYUP by Houston HodgesDPUM 38 - WABM 28(DPUM by 10)
00:20DPUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Camron BurnsDPUM 38 - WABM 26(DPUM by 12)
00:20DPUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Camron BurnsDPUM 37 - WABM 26(DPUM by 11)
00:20WABMFOUL by Pete Nicksic
  REBOUND (DEF) by Camron Burns
00:48WABMMISSED LAYUP by Kyle Aiton
  REBOUND (DEF) by Kyle Aiton
00:55DPUMMISSED LAYUP by Michael Wilkison
  REBOUND (OFF) by Michael Wilkison
01:00WABMBLOCK by Daniel Purvlicis
01:00DPUMMISSED 3 PTR by Michael Wilkison
  REBOUND (DEF) by Bob Dillon
01:25WABMMISSED FT SHOT by Pete Nicksic
01:25DPUMFOUL by Mark Johnson
01:25WABMGOOD! LAYUP by Pete NicksicDPUM 36 - WABM 26(DPUM by 10)
01:47DPUMGOOD! 3 PTR by Michael WilkisonDPUM 36 - WABM 24(DPUM by 12)
02:19WABMTURNOVR by Daniel Purvlicis
02:31DPUMGOOD! JUMPER by Frank Patton III (in the paint)DPUM 33 - WABM 24(DPUM by 9)
02:44WABMGOOD! FT SHOT by Kyle AitonDPUM 31 - WABM 24(DPUM by 7)
02:44WABMGOOD! FT SHOT by Kyle AitonDPUM 31 - WABM 23(DPUM by 8)
02:44DPUMFOUL by Mark Johnson
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ross Sponsler
02:51DPUMMISSED FT SHOT by Luke Lattner
02:51DPUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Luke LattnerDPUM 31 - WABM 22(DPUM by 9)
02:51WABMFOUL by Kasey Oetting
  REBOUND (DEF) by Mark Johnson
03:06WABMMISSED FT SHOT by Daniel Purvlicis
03:06DPUMFOUL by Pat Haggin
03:23DPUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Michael WilkisonDPUM 30 - WABM 22(DPUM by 8)
03:23DPUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Michael WilkisonDPUM 29 - WABM 22(DPUM by 7)
03:23WABMFOUL by Kasey Oetting
03:50WABMMISSED 3 PTR by Kyle Aiton
  REBOUND (DEF) by Andy Walsh
04:00DPUMMISSED JUMPER by Pat Haggin
04:22WABMGOOD! LAYUP by Houston HodgesDPUM 28 - WABM 22(DPUM by 6)
04:33DPUMGOOD! LAYUP by Luke LattnerDPUM 28 - WABM 20(DPUM by 8)
  ASSIST by Houston Hodges
05:02WABMGOOD! 3 PTR by Andy WalshDPUM 26 - WABM 20(DPUM by 6)
  ASSIST by Michael Wilkison
05:19DPUMGOOD! 3 PTR by Pat HagginDPUM 26 - WABM 17(DPUM by 9)
05:33WABMTURNOVR by Houston Hodges
05:50DPUMTURNOVR by Frank Patton III
  REBOUND (DEF) by Frank Patton III
05:54WABMMISSED JUMPER by Kyle Aiton
06:04DPUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Michael WilkisonDPUM 23 - WABM 17(DPUM by 6)
06:04DPUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Michael WilkisonDPUM 22 - WABM 17(DPUM by 5)
06:04WABMFOUL by Houston Hodges
06:25WABMGOOD! LAYUP by Houston HodgesDPUM 21 - WABM 17(DPUM by 4)
06:39DPUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Michael WilkisonDPUM 21 - WABM 15(DPUM by 6)
06:39DPUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Michael WilkisonDPUM 20 - WABM 15(DPUM by 5)
06:39WABMFOUL by Daniel Purvlicis
06:52WABMFOUL by Gary Ulrich
  REBOUND (DEF) by Pat Haggin
07:18WABMMISSED FT SHOT by Houston Hodges
07:18DPUMFOUL by Bradley Fey
07:18WABMGOOD! LAYUP by Houston HodgesDPUM 19 - WABM 15(DPUM by 4)
07:24WABMSTEAL by Andy Walsh
07:26DPUMTURNOVR by Bob Dillon
07:48WABMGOOD! LAYUP by Ross SponslerDPUM 19 - WABM 13(DPUM by 6)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Daniel Purvlicis
07:59WABMBLOCK by Daniel Purvlicis
07:59DPUMMISSED LAYUP by Pat Haggin
  REBOUND (OFF) by Pat Haggin
08:11WABMBLOCK by Daniel Purvlicis
08:11DPUMMISSED LAYUP by Michael Onuorah
  REBOUND (DEF) by Pat Haggin
08:23WABMMISSED LAYUP by Kasey Oetting
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ross Sponsler
08:40DPUMMISSED JUMPER by Bob Dillon
  REBOUND (DEF) by Bob Dillon
09:05WABMMISSED LAYUP by Houston Hodges
  REBOUND (OFF) by Daniel Purvlicis
09:15WABMMISSED 3 PTR by Ross Sponsler
09:28DPUMTURNOVR by Connor Rich
09:50WABMTURNOVR by Ross Sponsler
10:12DPUMMISSED 3 PTR by Pat Haggin
  REBOUND (OFF) by Camron Burns
10:28DPUMMISSED JUMPER by Pat Haggin
10:39WABMTURNOVR by Pete Nicksic
  REBOUND (DEF) by Kyle Aiton
10:45DPUMMISSED JUMPER by Pat Haggin
  REBOUND (DEF) by Camron Burns
11:01WABMMISSED 3 PTR by Kasey Oetting
11:18WABMSTEAL by Kasey Oetting
11:18DPUMTURNOVR by Pat Haggin
  REBOUND (OFF) by Pat Haggin
11:20WABMBLOCK by Pete Nicksic
11:20DPUMMISSED LAYUP by Camron Burns
11:35WABMGOOD! LAYUP by Kasey OettingDPUM 19 - WABM 11(DPUM by 8)
11:43DPUMFOUL by Tommy Fernitz
  ASSIST by Bradley Fey
11:52DPUMGOOD! LAYUP by Tommy FernitzDPUM 19 - WABM 9(DPUM by 10)
12:01WABMGOOD! LAYUP by Pete NicksicDPUM 17 - WABM 9(DPUM by 8)
12:15DPUMFOUL by Luke Lattner
12:24DPUMGOOD! JUMPER by Pat Haggin (in the paint)DPUM 17 - WABM 7(DPUM by 10)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Pat Haggin
12:27DPUMMISSED LAYUP by Tommy Fernitz
12:43WABMGOOD! FT SHOT by Ross SponslerDPUM 15 - WABM 7(DPUM by 8)
12:43WABMGOOD! FT SHOT by Ross SponslerDPUM 15 - WABM 6(DPUM by 9)
12:43WABMMISSED FT SHOT by Ross Sponsler
12:43DPUMFOUL by Pat Haggin
  REBOUND (DEF) by Houston Hodges
12:49WABMBLOCK by Kasey Oetting
12:49DPUMMISSED LAYUP by Mark Johnson
  REBOUND (OFF) by Mark Johnson
13:05DPUMMISSED 3 PTR by Adam Botts
13:17WABMGOOD! FT SHOT by Pete NicksicDPUM 15 - WABM 5(DPUM by 10)
13:17DPUMFOUL by Mark Johnson
13:17WABMGOOD! JUMPER by Pete Nicksic (in the paint)DPUM 15 - WABM 4(DPUM by 11)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Pete Nicksic
13:35DPUMMISSED FT SHOT by Bob Dillon
13:35DPUMMISSED FT SHOT by Bob Dillon
13:35WABMFOUL by Marcus Kammrath
13:48WABMFOUL by Marcus Kammrath
13:49WABMMISSED JUMPER by Marcus Kammrath
14:42DPUMSTEAL by Tommy Fernitz
14:44WABMTURNOVR by Daniel Purvlicis
  ASSIST by Bob Dillon
15:00DPUMGOOD! LAYUP by Tommy FernitzDPUM 15 - WABM 2(DPUM by 13)
  ASSIST by Houston Hodges
15:32WABMGOOD! JUMPER by Kasey OettingDPUM 13 - WABM 2(DPUM by 11)
15:37DPUMFOUL by Tommy Fernitz
15:55DPUMTURNOVR by Tommy Fernitz
  REBOUND (DEF) by Michael Wilkison
16:19WABMMISSED 3 PTR by Andy Walsh
16:32WABMTIMEOUT 30sec
  ASSIST by Adam Botts
16:39DPUMGOOD! 3 PTR by Bob DillonDPUM 13 - WABM 0(DPUM by 13)
16:57DPUMSTEAL by Frank Patton III
16:59WABMTURNOVR by Kyle Aiton
17:10DPUMFOUL by Frank Patton III
17:19DPUMGOOD! FT SHOT by Bob DillonDPUM 10 - WABM 0(DPUM by 10)
17:19WABMFOUL by Austin Burton
17:19DPUMGOOD! JUMPER by Bob DillonDPUM 9 - WABM 0(DPUM by 9)
17:39WABMMISSED 3 PTR by Austin Burton
  ASSIST by Frank Patton III
17:58DPUMGOOD! LAYUP by Bob DillonDPUM 7 - WABM 0(DPUM by 7)
17:59WABMFOUL by Pete Nicksic
18:16WABMTURNOVR by Austin Burton
18:38DPUMGOOD! JUMPER by Tommy FernitzDPUM 5 - WABM 0(DPUM by 5)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Tommy Fernitz
19:01WABMMISSED 3 PTR by Gary Ulrich
19:31DPUMGOOD! 3 PTR by Michael WilkisonDPUM 3 - WABM 0(DPUM by 3)